New Facilities Construction has started!!!

After 2+ years, a lot of negotiation between the club and MN/DOT, and numerous delays, we have started breaking ground on the club property.  The new facilities will be located on the west end of our property and will include a 60’x80′ clubhouse, 2 28.5′ x 100′ shooting bays in the basement, 5 pistol bays, 2 trap ranges and a 100yd & 200yd rifle range.


Here are some of the site & building layouts including pictures of the current construction activities taking place.

Site plan

C-GP-0578C0065 – alternate-3-6 WITH MODIFICATIONS

Building layout

12076 Pine Island A3-1 2012-11-12

Pine Island Sportsman Club Complete Set 2012-08-10

New Interior layout:

12076 Pine Island A1-1 2012-10-16

Site on the first day of earth moving

Location of the clubhouse

Pistol bays are starting to take shape to the right

Trap range view

Rifle range-  200yd on left, 100yd on right

Footings are ready to go

Pistol Bay 2 – 60′ x 100′

Pistol Bay 1 – 40′ x 100′

Pistol Bay #5  100’x 100′

Footings have been poured, ready for the walls

Walls ready to be poured

Adding concrete to the wall forms

We have walls!!

Note the openings for the air handler for the indoor range

Bays are being built up

Ready for Pre-Cast installation on Monday, once that is complete they should start framing the week of November 5


Back filling underway

Getting ready for pouring the basement floor


Berms with 12′ sides & 15′ back berms

Framing on the clubhouse underway

Sewage grinder and retaining wall being added

Indoor bays taking shape

Framing work continues

Here is the new trap range view and future location of the trap houses once grading is complete

Bob Braaten working the Cat

Trusses are going up

Can see the patio and front entrance walkway

Radon rock in bay 1

Roofing work underway, trenching in power for the trap ranges

Adding final storage container for Archery

Shingles up

Right indoor pistol bay poured

East patio area

Trap range views; top range on left, lower on right

Lights pole base for bay 1

Adding windows

IMG_0157 IMG_0156

Poured the left pistol bay

IMG_0158 IMG_0159

Inside view from porch


Windows are in

IMG_0166 IMG_0169

East side door


Siding going up

IMG_0171 IMG_0173


More siding on,

IMG_0178 IMG_0179


Entryway doors installed


More siding up, doors installed

IMG_0187 IMG_0186

IMG_0188 IMG_0189

Gate system


Brick being added

IMG_0204 IMG_0205

Inside duct work

IMG_0197 IMG_0196

Plumbing work in bathrooms

IMG_0198 IMG_0199


Basement bathroom


Siding on 3 sides complete, basement doors installed


Venting installed, ready for sheet rock

IMG_0215 IMG_0217

Brink on outside wall finished

IMG_0219 IMG_0220


Main room ready for sheet rock and installation


Sheet rocking has begun

IMG_0227 IMG_0229

Electrical panel ready for breakers


Mud work has started

IMG_0233 IMG_0241 IMG_0240   IMG_0234

Men’s bathroom


Furnaces installed:


Taping and sanding complete, ceilings being primed  painted ducts installed

IMG_0245 IMG_0244

IMG_0247 IMG_0248

Painting and tile done in bathrooms

IMG_0271 IMG_0272

IMG_0275 IMG_0276


IMG_0279 IMG_0283


Trap house

IMG_0285 IMG_0286


Kitchen counters being installed


Bathroom partitions added

IMG_0301 IMG_0300


Furnace room


The power panel is very impresive


Patio railing


Bathroom doors finished

IMG_0306 IMG_0305

Water fountain installed


Carpet in the classroom


Bit dusty but hall flooring in place


Kitchen is done! New fridge & freezer installed.

IMG_0313 IMG_0321

Carpet installed in the main hall


Tearing down the old clubhouse and garage

532166_4748586601935_412370455_n 902633_4748586321928_635729492_o

904061_4748586361929_1435183163_o 541429_4748587121948_854994307_n