PIWPSC Rimfire Steel Series


PIWPSC Rimfire shooting matches are designed to be fun and safe shooting sports for the entire family. We use .22 LR pistols and rifles to shoot at a wide array of steel targets. Each match will consist of five courses of fire that will include various shooting positions and distances (typically 8-50 yards). Each stage is shot four times, with the fastest three strings counting for score. Most matches will have less than a 225 round count. You are encouraged to bring your own rimfire guns, but we also have many members willing to provide guns to use during the match (let us know if you need a firearm at time of registration). Having four magazines for each pistol and rifle is helpful, but not required (this will reduce your needed reloads during each stage). Junior (under 18) shooters must be accompanied by a legal guardian and be able to safely manipulate the firearms alone on the course of fire.

2019 Match Dates


  • 8:00 AM - Setup (volunteers welcome!)

  • 9:00 AM - Registration Starts

  • 10:00 AM - Match Starts


  • $15 for Adults

  • $10 for Juniors (under 18)

Required Equipment

  • Hearing & Eye Protection

  • .22 LR ammunition (225+ rounds)

  • .22 LR Pistol & Rifle (can be borrowed for the match)


For further information contact the Match Directors:


Doug Anderson                                          Monte Bruesewitz

danders1@bevcomm.net                         mbree@centurylink.net

2019 Match Results