Carry Training (MPPA/CCW)

PIWPSC’s instructors offer many different classes, including those for a Permit to Carry of a firearm in Minnesota.



Firearms Training and Education

Throughout the year the Sportsman’s Club provides classes for pistol and rifle firearms training.  The classes are taught by club members who are NRA certified instructors.  All ages and families are encouraged to take a class. It is the best way to be introduced to the sport of shooting.  From the classes you will learn the safe way to handle firearms and the proper shooting techniques.  This way you will not learn bad, and sometimes unsafe, habits from someone else. 

Classes available at the Pine Island White Pines Sportsman’s Club are: 

Basic Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun Shooting Courses ***

Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection outside the Home ***

Reloading Metallic Cartridges, Reloading Shotgun Cartridges **

Range Safety Officer

Home Firearms Safety, Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program *

Refuse To Be A Victim **

* Designates no actual shooting in class.
** Designates no actual shooting or live ammunition in class. 

*** Fulfills requirements for Minnesota Permit to Carry

For inquires about class availability and/or other training available see the calendar for upcoming classes that are scheduled and give the appropriate trainer a call.


Guidelines for Certified Firearms Instruction At Pine Island White Pines Sportsman’s Club.

Certified Firearms Instructor policy at PIWPSC