USPSA at Pine Island

2007 was the inaugural year for Pine Island Practical Shooters. Is is part of the Pine Island White Pines Sportsman's Club and accredited by the United States Practical Shooting Association, USPSA (MN13).

For USPSA, we needed a name, PIWPSC Practical Shooters was too long, so we just go by PIPS, or Pine Island Practical Shooters, for our USPSA name.

– We shoot Wednesday’s at 6:00 PM.

– As it is a volunteer sport, many people help setup and break down, Setup starts at 3:00 for those who can help. Many hands make light work.

– You do not need to be a USPSA member -or- a Pine Island member to shoot. We encourage both, and if you are a Pine Island member, you get a discount for the matches.

– We do work out of a holster, so you will need a holster and 3-5 mag pouches depending upon the division you are in.

– visit the USPSA website: www.uspsa.org for more details.